Aripeka Soap Works

Aripeka, Florida

Covid-19's Weak Spot


Aripeka Soap Works Soap Kills the Coronavirus-19.

According to *leading health officials “Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds kills the Covid-19 along with other germs, bacteria and viruses”  A.S.W.’s Soap will attack the  lipid (fat) outer layer of the virus pulling it apart, destroying the RNA of the virus.

We have designed our soaps to attack fats, lipids, grease, oil, dirt, germs and the like.

Marston’s “Dirty jobs” soap has Tea Tree, Turpentine and Peppermint Essential Oils to add additional cleaning properties

Old Mariner soap works so well it will suds up in hard and even saltwater, giving you lots of suds to kill the virus

Remember Aripeka Soap Works soap is hard on dirt and germs but gentle on your skin.


Handmade in Aripeka, Florida

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The Natural oils in this soap makes my skin feel so nice!

Cristel N.

"Activated Charcoal soap works great on my acne; cleared up within the week!"

Brian P.
This is the best soap I have ever used (and I have paid some hefty prices in my time). This soap cleanses but it leaves my skin in great condition. I am considering stockpiling 😊

In A.S.W.'s Laboratory

Here at Aripeka Soap Works we are a 3rd. & 4th. generation soap makers using 100% All Natural Food Grade A++ Oils in this soap !! We also put a "Good Helping" amount of Moringa Oleiferia Seed oil into every batch for extra nutrition for your skin !! We hand-make our soaps in small batches (5-10 lb) so we maybe sold out. Our soap cures about 4-6 weeks depending on formula but we try to always keep the best  sellers on the drying rack...

We also make lotions , deodorants, tinctures and soon nutritional teas will be available online !